Each piece of jewelry I create has its own story to tell. I’d like to tell you the story behind a pair of earrings from my own personal collection.

My grandmother (Baba) was one of the biggest influences in my life. She poured her creativity into everything she did. Having grown up around her, I observed and learned from her. One of her many talents was beadwork. However, because she had so many talents, she tried a great variety of things, and unfortunately left many projects unfinished. After she passed away, we found many boxes of materials and half-finished projects from the various hobbies she pursued.

One day, my grandfather presented me with a couple of small boxes. The treasures they contained brought tears to my eyes. All at once, a flood of memories returned, not only of my Baba, but of those boxes and the beads they contained. I hadn’t seen them since I was a very young child.

The boxes contained an assortment of beads – seed beads, glass pearls, crystals – plus some findings, and beading needles. There was also one partially finished necklace – a traditional Ukrainian gerdan. As I sorted through this newly rediscovered treasure trove, I couldn’t help but wonder what projects my Baba had in mind for all these beading supplies.

A few pearls caught my attention. They were a beautiful shade of muted blue, sort of like denim. I found them in different sizes. I instantly envisioned them in a stacked earring, and set out to find complimentary beads. My search through her stash turned up lighter pearls, and blue-ish crystals with a shimmery finish.

And so ends the story of my blue pearl earrings. I love wearing them, because they make me feel connected to my Baba.

 Melanie Ferguson, Artist/Owner, Mella Bella Designs