I carefully create each piece of jewelry myself, paying close attention to durable construction for long-lasting wear. I also pay close attention to detail, to ensure that I am creating high quality products that are comfortable and practical to wear. The following guidelines will help you wear and care for your Mella Bella Designs piece(s):

Wearing Your Jewelry

Enjoy wearing your jewelry handmade by me! Show it off! Wear it with your favourite outfits, everyday, or on special occasions! But, there a few situations when you should take your jewelry off, or not wear it at all:

- Remove jewelry during household chores: things like cleaning solutions and scrubbing actions can easily damage jewelry.

- Put jewelry on after your beauty routine: makeup, hairspray, and lotions can all potentially damage/discolour jewelry with some of the chemicals they may contain. Limiting contact can minimize this risk. Remove jewelry while washing, too, as soap residue can dull the finishes.

- Remove jewelry while swimming or in the spa: chemicals like chlorine can damage your jewelry.

- Remove jewelry while engaging in sports or physical activities: you will want to avoid damaging your jewelry, and prevent yourself or others from possibly getting hurt/scratched.

Caring For Your Jewelry

With proper care, your handmade jewelry should give you many years of enjoyment. Here is some practical advice to help you keep your pieces looking their best:

- Clean with warm water: avoid hot water, and never use bleach! If you want to use a cleaning solution, try Rubbing Alcohol. The one exception is leather: avoid getting your leather pieces wet all together.

- If you like a shiny look, use a jewelry polishing cloth: avoid paper towels or tissues, as the fibres in them can cause scratches. (The same is true for your eye glasses and sun glasses!)

- Storing your metal pieces in a sealed plastic pouch can prevent tarnishing: this is especially true for Sterling Silver and Gold. (The sealed bag limits contact with air, which is what speeds up tarnishing.) You can also purchase silver anti-tarnish strips to place with your stored Sterling silver pieces.

- If your base metal jewelry is causing your finger to turn green, try coating the part that has contact with your skin with clear nail polish (i.e., the inside of your ring). (Scientifically speaking, this is called oxidization, as your body’s chemistry reacts with the copper in the metal mix, causing the green colour.)

- Inspect your pieces regularly for wear and tear, and please contact me if they are ever in need of repair.


I hope you enjoy your Mella Bella Designs jewelry for many years to come!

~ Melanie Ferguson, Artist/Owner, Mella Bella Designs